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    Automobile Insurance

    Automobile Insurance: drive with peace of mind knowing that Burrowes Insurance Brokers has your protection in hand. 

    Our goal is to provide a unique client experience in the handling of your automobile insurance needs.

    One of our specialists will become your dedicated broker, tasked with providing customized advice and solutions for you and your family.

    A single call to Burrowes Insurance Brokers gives you access to a multitude of standard and specialized insurers, which means you reap the benefits of our brokers’ industry expertise when they recommend the best and most suitable insurance solutions.

    Beyond automobile insurance, we also pride ourselves on our personalized service, vast expertise and professional guidance in the event of a loss or a claim.

    Regardless of the vehicle you drive, whether bought or leased, new or used, we have the insurance solution that meets your needs.

    Along with civil liability insurance, you could benefit from the following coverage:

    • Damage to the vehicle                        
    • Leasing a courtesy vehicle after a claim 
    • Insurance for short-term leased vehicle in Canada and the USA   
    • Roadside assistance
    • Protection of your driving record after a claim
    • Replacement cost coverage or replacement insurance

    * Some conditions may apply. Ask your broker to confirm your eligibility.

    Connect with your dedicated broker today! He will gladly do a complete and detailed analysis of your needs and recommend the most appropriate insurance product.

    Our commitment follows you!