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    Snowmobile Insurance

    The beauty of snow-covered landscapes is yours to enjoy with total peace of mind thanks to Burrowes Insurance Brokers!

    Enjoy the freedom of your winter jaunts, knowing that your snowmobile insurance is in good hands. Our snowmobile insurance contracts include not only civil liability up to a $2,000,000 coverage, but also coverage for damages to your snowmobile.

    You have added accessories and equipment to your snowmobile? Be assured that we have the adequate coverage to cover the total value.

    We insure most types of snowmobiles:

    • Trail snowmobiles                                                    
    • Touring snowmobiles                                            
    • High-performance snowmobiles
    • Hybrid snowmobiles
    • Mountain and deep snow snowmobiles
    • Commercial snowmobiles


    Connect with your dedicated broker today! He will gladly do a complete and detailed analysis of your needs and recommend the most appropriate insurance product.

    Our commitment follows you!