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    Travel insurance: Protect yourself anywhere in the world!

    Burrowes Insurance Brokers is your silent partner wherever you travel! Whether you’re a snowbird avoiding winter weather or a devotee of out-of-country getaways, we have the travel insurance solution for you.

    Your health is too important to leave to chance when travelling abroad. Some high-end credit cards offer coverage, but these coverages remain vague and apply only to certain specific situations.

    Based on your physical condition and the duration of your stay, our team of experts will suggest the type of coverage that will give you peace of mind and allow you to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

    • Emergency medical care                                                     
    • Medical follow-up
    • Trip cancellation           
    • Trip interruption
    • Luggage
    • Emergency dental care
    • Coverage of transportation expenses by a parent
    • Accommodation expenses due to delayed return trip
    • Business trips
    • Inpatriate / expatriate
    • Single trip
    • Multiple trips
    • Special risks
    • Student
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    Connect with your dedicated broker today! He will gladly do a complete and detailed analysis of your needs and recommend the most appropriate insurance product.

    Our commitment follows you!


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